10 Signs you have a Bad Divorce Lawyer

When you’re looking for a family lawyer the last thing you need is to be taken.  A good lawyer seems very hard to find in the Durham Region of Ontario.  Here we will give you some survival tips you can use when you choose a lawyer

Avoid divorce lawyers that do this:

Tip 1 – Empathizes with your pain too much.

Just like when you go to the doctor you don’t want to tell him your life story and then have a big conversation about it.  Always remember divorce lawyers get paid by the time they spend with you.  So too much talk equals too much money.

Tip 2 – They don’t’ listen to you. 

A good lawyer will have a good understanding of who you are and what you need.  Lawyers in Durham Region should listen to you carefully and help you through the system.  If they jump on your band wagon and want to avenge your ex walk away.  They aren’t interested in getting you the best deal but rather making money from you.

Tip 3 – They will help you get back at your ex

Let’s get serious here.  If this is your lawyers professional advantage to make your ex pay think twice.  What will happen is that your lawyer will make you pay forever.  They will drag out your case in the Oshawa Family Courts and make your anger pay for their cottage.

Tip 4 – Rudeness and name calling. 

Does the lawyer speak like a factory worker?  Lets face it you’re hiring this divorce lawyer in Oshawa for his knowledge not his gutter talk.  If the lawyer you have chosen in Pickering or Ajax speaks improperly think twice before hiring them.

Tip 5 – Uses inflammatory language. 

Over the top language does not help resolve conflict. The key in the Oshawa Family Court is to reach a fair outcome in your case. It only makes things worse if your lawyer is a loud mouth. When used by a lawyer, inflammatory language also shows a lack of professionalism.

Tip 6 – Unprofessionalism constantly criticizes other lawyers. 

The Family Courts in Durham Region often recommend the lawyers meet to talk things over.   A lawyer who cannot get along with your ex’s lawyer could damage your case and in the end ruin any chance you. Also, these things are usually reciprocal – why don’t other lawyers like your lawyer?

Tip 7 – Tells you he’ll “take care” of the divorce for you. 

There is no divorce lawyer in Oshawa, Whitby or Pickering who can “take care” of your case. It’s hard work for everyone involved including you. There are documents to produce, depositions to attend and court documents to review. Anyone who claims otherwise is not being honest.

Tip 8 – Has a crystal ball. 

As a professional you can predict some parts of a case, but not all of them.  Most outcomes are not so clear. In truth, outcomes are often a gamble. A lawyer who tells you they have all the answers may be full of hot air.

Tip 9 – Believes in your lies. 

Lets face it most people lie about something.  If your lawyer doesn’t challenge you on some of the basics they won’t help you in the end.  When things get bad a divorce lawyer in Durham will run for the hills when the money has run out.  

Tip 10 – Has no views.

Remember you’re paying the family lawyer in Oshawa or Ajax a lot of money for their knowledge in the Oshawa Family Court System.  Make sure you use it.  If they have no idea’s or views on what to do run!

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