Abusive Men: Are they really bad or is society making us all feel that way?

Why is it men are painted to all react through anger and violence? While out shopping I was standing in line with the 100 or so other Christmas shoppers. There were people singing along with the store music. Others checking there lists and most standing waiting and tired. There was one lady screaming at her son for something he had done or was doing. Just weeks before Santa was to come to his house he was being torn apart by his mother. Now most people would look at that and say "he probably deserved it, he looks like a brat". We always excuse a mother who is ripping in to a child in public. Do we say that the mother is being abusive, no we say she’s teaching him. So what would happen if a father disiplined a child in public? Yes exactly. He’s abusive, he’s a mean father, I feel sorry for that kid. I’ve never seen a man do this, not to say they don’t, they just don’t as often as women. This is one of many examples of double standards we have accepted. Its time that stopped Abuse by either a man or a woman is simply wrong. There is no excuse there is no acceptance. Men stand up and let your voice be heard. Not all men are evil and mean.

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