Amber Alert in Ontario for Leila Elizabeth May: What are the statistics for these alerts?


Again another amber alert has been made in Ontario for a missing 3 year old girl (Leila Elizabeth May).  She is believed to be with her 21 year old mother Kristi Ann Barsanti.

Amber Alert In Ontario

Leila Elizabeth May Amber AlertI’m curious to know more about these amber alerts and the stats behind them.  Does anyone know what the statistics are for the amber alerts comparing fathers to mothers?  Of all the alerts I have heard recently in Ontario most of them seem to be where the mother has abducted the child.  Does anyone have stats on this?

What does the Amber Alert say about our court system?

Based on my assumptions it seems that the stats lean toward mothers abducting children more than fathers.   If this is the case why are our Ontario Courts so biased toward the mothers having the children?  Isn’t this a clear disconnect from reality?

Ontario Courts (Oshawa Family Court) and Amber Alert.

I wonder if the court system even cares to look at this in any detail?  I have researched the internet for any supportive documentation either way.  Personally I don’t care what the stats are I just want some transparency.  Too often men are pigeon holed in to always being the abuser and general ‘no good for raising kids’.  This sexist position is often then turned around later in the child’s life  to blame the father for not being involved “the child grew up with no father”.

The Amber Alert and court bias

I think it’s time that a more holistic view is taken when it comes to the children in Ontario.  The Ontario Family Courts and the subsidized arms of that system (OCL, FRO, FLIC Office, DCAS) need to be held accountable for the impact to children as a whole.
Leila Elizabeth May

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