Buy American cars for the economy!

On my way in to the office today I saw a bumper sticker that said "Lost your job? Buy American".  On the surface this sounds reasonable, keep the money here and buy local. I have 2 problems with this right off the top.  First, are the American automakers building quality product? And secondly what about Wal-mart?

Personally I think the American automaker has lost touch with the buyer.  Year over year decade over decade I have heard the same cry from the American automaker.  It’s as if we owe them something that we are not patriotic and must buy whatever they make.  Well in today’s world that just isn’t going to work!  Consumers have choices and demand a higher level of quality and reliability. 

Do American automakers buy American?

Now talk about crazy.  Consumers are being asked to buy locally made automobiles first.  Do the automakers buy parts from local companies? No they don’t! Why not, why can’t they purchase from local manufacturing companies to in turn drive the economy.  I think it’s a little arrogant to demand that we buy American made when the very same company won’t.
Practice what you preach Detroit!


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