Domestic Violence: Mother beaten in Durham Region or was it the Father?

Is it a joke? 

Not in the slightest.  Men have become an easy target for placing the label of ‘Abuser’ around their neck.  Yes there are men who are violent and abusive both against women and children.  BUT, not all men are like this.  I’ve heard many nightmares of how the system, typically Durham Children’s Aid Society (DCAS) quickly pigeon hole a man in to this undeserved group.

Why do publically run foundations such as the Children’s Aid Society or Office of the Children’s Lawyer do this?

That’s a very good question, why do they?  I tend to think it’s an easy way out for the case workers.  It’s easy to draw this conclusion when you have an angry ex willing to add ‘facts’ to her statements. 

Who suffers from domestic violence?

Anyone who is the victim of domestic violence suffers.  This includes men who have been physically, emotionally and verbally assaulted by women.  There should be no differences made when it comes to acting on abuse.  Regardless if it’s a man or woman the outcome should always be the same.  
Have you suffered from domestic violence? 
If so share with us how the system treated you.