Durham Children’s Aid Society: What the lawyers at family court said.

This week I had the good fortune to attend a court motion at the Oshawa Family courts (Durham Family Court 33 King Street West OSHAWA ON L1H 1A1 Phone (905) 430-5800).  I was there for yet another motion brought on by my ex who for over 5 years feels the need to continue to punish me.  While sitting there I overheard two duty council lawyers talking about the ‘System’. 

It’s so true that you always have to watch what you say because you never know who is listening.  These two lawyers who both looked seasoned enough were talking about all sorts of things.  The one thing that caught my ear was how they talked about the Durham Children’s Aid Society.  I thought being ‘in the system’ and I’m sure using this service for clients you would have an excellent view of the organization.  As they openly talked about the Durham CAS I began to wonder what was really going on.  They were talking about how the children’s aid society was over worked and under staffed.  They also talked about how Durham children’s aid society was not well equipped to really protect the children they were suppose to protect.

I learned while sitting in the court house in Oshawa just how insiders in the legal system see the DCAS( Durham Children’s Aid Society).  They were so put off by them that they were openly criticizing the competence of people within this service.  It was even said that the DCAS lawyers were reluctant to get involved when clearly it was to the benefit of the child.

Now I know this is all water cooler conversation and that these two lawyers are but a small sampling of the ‘system’.  But man did it resonate with my personal experience.  I’ve had case workers for the DCAS lie to my children, present biased material and simply go through the motions of doing a job.  When I raised the issue through the ‘complaints’ process I felt and heard the simple lack of caring. 

If you are involved with the Durham Children’s Aid Society hoping that they will protect your children take a step back.  It is easy to assume these people because they are an arm of the government that you will be taken care of.

Think first, and then think again.  The children’s aid foundation (DCAS) isn’t without bias and prejudice.  They see things through a different set of glasses, ones that surely colour you black.

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  • Julie
    August 13, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    The durham childrens aid society wouldnt do their job even if they were staffed enough. I am not saying this out of spite, but from experience being a child placed in abusive settings, far worse than my parents home. have you done any more research on this or were you not interested enough? just curious. J