Family Lawyer in Durham Region Including Oshawa, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby

 Are you looking for a family lawyer in the greater Durham Region?

Watch out!  Yes I’ve been down that path a few times and let me tell you.  They all seem to do exactly the same thing, collect your money.  For obvious reason I can’t name names here, hell we are talking about lawyers.  But I have a few tips that I hope you find useful when search for a lawyer in the Durham Region.  That could be a lawyer in Oshawa or a lawyer in Pickering you might even consider a lawyer in Ajax or lastly a lawyer in Whitby.



Tips On Finding a Good Family Lawyer

Ok these tips aren’t going to be your usual white washed legal advise but rather based on real experience.

Ask for references

If your lawyer gives you the car salesman line, don’t you trust me or something along those lines, run for the hills.

Drive the ship

Always remember who is paying the bill, it’s you did you forget?  Many lawyers pray on your anger and formulate plans to exact it at your ex.  Now really what they are doing is putting blinders on you and leading down the path.  Take control and learn early to say NO to your lawyer.

Double check with SOME family or friends

Now be very careful here.  Asking for advice from your cheerleaders can and often does get you in more trouble.  Find someone who doesn’t hate your ex like you do and someone who can say no to you.  This person will help guide you better then anyone else.

Get free advise

Many courts have a free advise center.  Depending on your income you will either get procedural advise or detailed advise.  I suggest you don’t let them know you already have a lawyer and make them think that you’re looking for one. This way you will get some ‘extra’ advise to help keep you and your real lawyer in check.

Having these basic tips when going through what is often called hell will help to keep you guided in a healthy direction. 

Have something to add?  Go ahead have your say.


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