Fathers victim to court system and Parental Alienation Syndrome – PAS

Many fathers find themselves categorized and then victimized by the court system that is meant to protect them.  Equality is something that is simply non-existent in today’s Family Courts.  Judges, lawyer, Children’s Aid Society, Office of the Children’s Lawyer and other agencies see fathers simply as sub-standard and unable to care for their children. 



Children’s Aid Society and Durham Family Courts Label Father’s Unfit

At the same time this very same system (and organizations) recognizes the importance of having a father as an important figure in a child’s life.  This is especially true for sons who need a positive male role model.  Too often I find the double standard approach used by the Children’s Aid Society and the Oshawa Family Court’s hurts children more then helps them.  When will this broken system take a serious look at the truth about fathers?  When will they abandon the view that ALL men are fundamentally abusers and therefore unfit to parent their children.   Unfortunately I don’t see this happening in my lifetime.

Mother’s Allowed to Practice “Parental Alienation Syndrome” In Family Court

Here is a clear example of how the Family Court system in Ontario fails to protect children.  Often mother’s in particular actively practice in creating a child’s campaign of denigration against a parent, the father.  When presented in today’s courts this view is quickly shut down as some sort of aggression by the father.  When presented to the Children’s Aid Society many case workers have a look of contempt for the father that brings forward this idea.  Equally, for a man to approach reporting abuse he has suffered by a woman disbelief and miss-trust are often the response by authorities.  
How many men have suffered as a result of a ‘bent’ system that allows mothers to punish the father, financial and emotionally, and ignore the true needs of the children.  
Speak up have your say and stop this madness.
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