Free dating web site and the American Economy

Have you noticed that in recent years the American economy has changed not unlike dating.  Dating use to be something done on a very local level, bars, friends, the office etc..  Customer relations also were done more locally.  You would meet a prospect face to face to discuss the deal. Now you find new prospects online through SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and only if the dollar value is high enough to you actually meet your client.  How is this the same for online dating in large cites like Toronto, Markham, New York, Chicago or free dating website.  Well it’s simple; you now can pick through a catalog of people and choose someone to chat with.  Only when things go to plan do you have to or want to meet.  Up until then you can walk away without worry.

So next time you search for a free online dating website in Torontoor Chicago or New York City remember this.  That shopping online for a date is much like shopping for things you buy.  You view, select the options you like and then negotiate the deal.

Does this all sound right to you?



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