H1N1 Vaccine Clinic: Fear Panic and community chaos in Toronto, Durham Region and York Region

How long do you have to wait for H1N1 Vaccine?

Now there is a loaded question.  This pandemic is unbelievable for such a modern country as Canada.  You would think that after 9/11 we would a better emergency response process and system.

I spent 6 hours standing in line with hundreds of people in the Pickering Town Center so I could receive my shot.  I’m a high-risk person who needs this vaccine and couldn’t believe how unorganized this clinic was.  Here are hundreds of people waiting and waiting for hours.  Wheelchair, canes, walkers and the like all stood in line with people who simply didn’t need the vaccine that day.  What process was in place to sort out those who truly needed it and those who were paniced by the media?  NONE!  Everyone was treated equally and this in lies the problem to the system.  The health community promoted that the H1N1 (or swine flu) vaccine was first to be given to high risk people.  So what did they do when giving it out?  They gave it to everyone.  Now this is crazy.  How can such a modern country as Canada not be able to provide services to those in need?


What if we had a real emergency?


This chaotic mess of the H1N1 vaccine clinic’s in Toronto, Durham Region and York Region should be a lighting rod to the health community.  What if we had a real emergency that did require everyone to get a needle?  I fail to see how we as a modern society could handle such an emergency.  I watched normal average people scream, yell and threaten health workers because they were in a panic over what the media created.  The health system wasn’t ready nor did they know what to do to keep the peace. 

Lessons must be learned from this in order to appreciate the real threat we have to our personal safety if something serious were to happen on mass.

Get involved and email your local politician and force them to make this a high priority. I don’t care who you vote for but make sure you vote for your own safety.