How much does it cost for a divorce lawyer in Oshawa?

Great question!

How much do divorce lawyers cost?

Well that’s like asking how much does it cost to get married.  As much or as little as she will settle for.  Yup i’m being very one sided her but my experience and wht i’ve heard from others is the same.  If your soon to be ex-wife wants to make it hard she can and it will cost you tons.

Divorce Process

In a nutshell, cause that’s all we can work with guys, the process is all about p[paying for the pain.  Again, the bigger the pain the bigger the amount you pay.  SO try as much as you can to settle out of court.  The costs grow and grow and your piece dwindles away.

The Cost of a Family Lawyer

In the Durham Region, including Pickering, Whitby, Ajax, Oshawa and surrounding area you will find lawyers from $180 per hour up to $400 per hour.  You can read many reviews of lawyers on our site and add your own comments to help out others.

The Cost of Divorce

A divorce can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars and get you very little.  Remember your lawyer isn’t your friend they are your advocate and they will fight as hard and long as you like.  If you don’t tell them where the boundaries are or when to stop you will pay for them to ‘practice’.


How much did you pay for your legal fees when you got a divorce?


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