How to select a customs broker and why you need one to import or export from Canada or the USA

A customs broker is an essential link in the process of importing or exporting goods across the border in to Canada or the USA.  Too often this step is missed when small or mid-sized companies look to transport their products to new markets.

What are some key functions of a licensed customs broker

licensed customs broker company for importing and exporting goods in to Canada and the USA

One of the primary functions of a customs clearing agent is to “clear goods through customs barriers allowing businesses to import or export goods across borders”.  These services are provided by a number of small and large companies that offer a range of expertise. Area’s such as document control, regulatory requirements etc.. are items to discuss with an import/export agent.  he brokerage fees are also negotiable dependent on the nature of the goods you’re shipping and volumes.

Why you may nee an international customs broker

Every country handles the importation and exportation of goods differently. Knowing these differences is important and will help you to reduce costs and ensure your goods land at the destination on time and at the costs your broker quoted.  As an example a Canadian customs broker would have very different requirements and expertise than say a US customs broker.  If you’re shipping goods across both of these borders frequently you should consider using one company that can offer services in both directions.

What to look for when selecting a brokerage company

Look for a company that understands your business and can offer you services beyond the basics.  These specialties will help to reduce your costs and help to develop a seamless process for moving your goods.

The best customs brokerage businesses offer these services

There are hundreds of customs brokerage companies across North America.  Finding the best broker takes time and hard work.  Interview them carefully asking specific questions about your needs and identify the customs clearance process that best suits your business.  Work with your customs agent to work out the kinks and build a relationship that  fosters the best brokerage experience possible.

This helpful list will help you identify the best customs broker for your business.