I’m sad today: The senseless loss of Victoria (Tori) Stafford a brutal crime

When this little girl went missing it was the outcome that drove everyone.  It was the fear of a senseless murder an often to predictable outcome.  We ask ourselves the same questions again, how could this happen, why did this happen, who did it, what about the parents.  So what about us? What about society at large, what are we doing about it?  Nothing! In time this crime will unfold and we will all be deeply saddened by it, but what will we do?   

I have no answers as to what we will do because we always do nothing.  There are too many cases in Toronto that have come and gone with no real change.  So for this too I am sad. The sense of powerlessness and fear overwhelm me as I think of my own children.  The death penalty is always a good starting point. I think it’s clear in this case (yes I haven’t heard or seen the evidence) that these people are responsible.  If this is proven why not have the death penalty? What use in society do these people have? They are beyond rehabilitation so why pretend they have a use?
I think it’s time we think about how we punish people like this.  How can we stop this type of thing or at the very least give some sense of justice?

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