Is the Ontario Family Courts biased against men?

Although the system is supposed to be fair and unbiased I wonder what the reality is. As a man going through the system I’ve experienced many situations where the system is simple biased. One clear area is how the system, specifically judges, hold each fathers and mothers accountable. Women simply have a lower bar with regards to what one can do. Why is the famly court in Ontario against fathers equal rights? I wish I knew why. Maybe you can add to this post and tell us about ypur experience.

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  • Seth Caldwell
    February 8, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    The Family Court and the Criminal courts are both biased towards women. WORDS from either party can be falsified and and thrown into court battles, where the man is guilty until proven innocent. I have been put on a restraining order against my Ex and my daughter through abuse of the system. We were not even living together at the time. We had argued about custody of my daughter, I slammed the phone down in disgust and 4 days later I was served with an order to appear in Family court and charged with assault from an incident from a year and a half earlier. A slap in the face, as retaliation to the slap that I received, which was all in the statement made by my Ex. She was not charged with assault even though she admitted to slapping me in the face first!!Eventually I got to see my daughter after 2 months in a supervised visitation centre for 2 visits. After the Ex didn’t show for the 3rd visit I phoned the agency during the week not knowing anything about what happened, is happening with my daughter I went to the Ex’s to see if everything was OK. Of course I was hoping that we could talk and at least try to cool out the situation. Needless to say I was charged with a breach of the restraining order and thrown in jail. 9 months later I finally got to see my girl in another supervised access situation and did this for 2 and a half years, until I was 13 minutes late one visit just before Christmas. They had already sent my daughter home even though they weren’t supposed to show up until 15 minutes past the time that I was supposed to show up. I tried to work something out visitation wise with her family and that was good for 6 day/half-day visit over the period of a year. i need to get back in to the courts and get real (unsupervised visitation)some how. You’ve helped to get me motivated instead of just laying down and getting shit on by the biased powers that be.