More tips on choosing a lawyer

Help with choosing the right lawyerMore tips on how to choose the right lawyer for you.  Selecting a family law lawyer to handle your divorce or domestic matters is tricky at best.  These tips can help you make the right selection when weeding through all the option available to you.

5 more tips on choosing the right divorce lawyer

  1. Ethical practice – An easy way to know if your lawyer is ethical is to listen to what they say about other cases. Now they should disclose to you like cases so that you can gain some understanding of what they have done and can do. However, this is where they can also show you how ethical they are. If you hear things about another person that seem too personal watch out. If your lawyer is easily saying things about others then chances are they will do the same about you. 
  2. Children first, yes that obvious –  In the heat of a family matter lawyers can feed off of your anger. You can quickly get wrapped up in defending your point or charging after your ex to prove a point. When this happens children become pones and they lose. There is no middle ground here, kids get hurt. Some lawyers engage with some type of mediator or representative for the children like a social worker. Be careful here too, case workers and social workers all need to stay employed and in order to do that they need cases. And guess what, you’re the next case!
  3. Details about your case – A lawyer must divulge all the details of your case to you. Nothing is too complicated or simple. For you to make the right choices you need to know everything. Make sure your lawyer tells it like it is and takes the time to explain it too you.
  4. How important is your case? – Is your lawyer focused on you? Make sure when you’re at court or at their office that you are getting 100% attention. Remember you’re being charged by the hour and should have 100% of the lawyers attention. If not they are double charging you and others.
  5. Legal costs – Know all the costs upfront and remember you can negotiate. Lawyers have flat rates and charge for portions of time etc… If you’re not getting 100% of the work effort from your lawyer get them to reduce the bill.

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