OCL Intake Forms

The OCL (Office of the Children’s Lawyer) requires the completion of an intake form to review your case.  This lengthy form requires time to complete and shouldn’t be done when you’re angry.  The OCL takes no prisoners and will use anything you say or do, or for that matter what you don’t do, and use it against you.  

Does the Office of the Children’s’ Lawyer play fair?

It’s my opinion that the OCL is 100% biased and has set a system in place to re-enforce that prejudice.  Once you have a case worker assigned to you there is no way to change them, even years after the first review.  This leaves no room for self checking their own quality of work and creates a scenario where the OCL rules with a brutal fist.
So, before you take matters to the OCL and request a review of your custody and access arrangement be warned that they won’t play fair and they answer to no one. 

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