Oshawa family lawyers: Divorce Lawyers, child custody and access support and more

When searching for a family lawyer in Oshawa always keep in mind a few things.  First remember that they are there to make money, not to help your kids.  Although they may say they care for you and your situation remember who’s paying the bills.  The family court in Oshawa is a treadmill of lawyers and angry people wanting to fight and battle in court.  

The Oshawa Court House solves very little and causes an enormous amount of stress.

How can I say this?  I’ve spent 10 years and 2 lawyers later chasing a ghost a the Oshawa courts.  I’ve talked with duty council and those at the family law information centre (or FLIC Office) and got the same run around.  Everything has a procedure and every procedure can be abused to ones advantage.  Where exactly is it that the children are looked after?

Child Support Lawyers

Many lawyers make a very simple calculation that hooks you in.  It’s kind of like buying a car, yea you know the drill, let me speak to my manager I’m not sure we can do that.  It’s amazing he comes back and all of a sudden you get the best deal in the world for your new car, hey he didn’t even make a commission.  Yea right buddy, give me a break. 

How are divorce lawyers the same as car salesmen?

The comparison may seem wrong but family law firms hook you in to a financial win fall for you.  They do this by finding what it is you need to have more money. This makes it more palatable for you to pay them.  Child support, spousal support are all used to leverage you to buy in to there game.  Then they throw at you, “We’ll get him for costs”. Now they have your ex paying for your legal expenses.  Give me a break!  


So when you’re looking for a family lawyer in Oshawa or Durham Region always and I mean always remember you’re paying the bill and they will keep that bill moving.

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