Post Obama Drama: Fixing the world in one single move.

 So now where folks?  

Obama has been in office for awhile now and things are not a whole bunch different. That’s not to say that he has and is trying to ‘fix the world’. But seriously, is it really his problem to fix? I don’t think so, it’s every one of us. We are the ones who have lowered the bar and allowed, accepted, participated in the dumming down of modern society. Our endless greed, selfishness and sense of entitlement has created an unbalanced distortion in the fabric of life. This distortion is seen throughout society regardless of your age, status, color or even where on the planet you live. We all bought in to it and road along. 

So where do we go from here?
Well ideally we check our own morale compass and realign it for what is right. When we do that all the other decisions will be easier and have more of an impact. I would like to think we would be able to see that but I doubt it. Too many people have vested interests and are fundamentally greedy. Our advancements over the past 30 odd years has done little to make a better social consciences. Instead we have deepened our thirst for more and now at any cost.
I don’t claim to have the answers, hell who does.  But, I do think a first important step for all of us to take is to look in to the mirror and ask ourselves.  Am I a good person? 

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