Review Spence Diamonds: Quality, Cut, Clarity and poor customer service.

Like many people out there I heard the Spence Diamond commercial’s with that annoying guy.  He made everything sound so perfect.  Check out the rings without the hassles of a sales person.  So when it was time for me to buy an engagement ring I decided to check Spence Diamonds out.  I first went to other diamond stores like People’s and Birks but honestly they seemed the same, other then the price.  So back at Spence Jewellers (Diamonds) I walked around the Scarborough store.  The help was friendly and didn’t harass me. 


Review of Spence Diamond Customer Service

I picked out an engagement ring and wedding band at the Spence Diamond Scarborough store.  After I proposed I noticed one small issue, they sized it wrong.  So back to the store I went and ha them change the size, no big issue right?  A few days go buy and I end up with a call… “the diamond in your ring cracked”.  WHAT!!  How can a diamond just crack?  I asked the customer service rep at Spence Diamonds for some sort of compensation, a better diamond.  Weeks go by with no willingness on Spence Diamond’s part to extend good will and compensate me for the hassle.  In the end I got a very slightly better diamond.

Now it’s a year later and the wedding band seems to always turn around on her finger.  It has a band of diamonds on the top and I guess is top heavy.  We had it re-sized to make sure it fit better.  Well after a few days we noticed the same thing, it kept flipping around.  So back to Spence we went this time looking for options.  The option they gave us was to add some stabilizing balls to the bottom to weight it down.  Great that sounds like something that would work.  When I went to pick up the ring they wanted to charge me $50.  WHAT!!  Again Spence Diamonds simply misses customer service.

Before you buy from Spence Diamonds in Canada look around.  I’m sure there are options just as good if not better.