Stephen Hawking very ill: Why do we need people like him?

It’s simple. 

We need courageous people who have an inner passion that shines through regardless of what life throws at them. Stephen Hawking has shown us all that with what should have been a life ending disease are that we need never give up.  His quest to solve problems that most of us have either no idea about or have little to know understanding of is what we need in our world.  People who don’t give up, don’t need the lime light and don’t need our understanding.  They answer to something great, higher more important.  They answer to an internal fire, a fire that fuels them almost relentlessly day after day and year after year.  These are the people who we need to recognize more in our society and reward them for what they have and are doing.

Stephen Hawking is a hero to many. To many of us who don’t quite understand what he is doing but do feel his energy and desire.  It is this that we crave and need in our lives, knowing that someone out there is truly looking out for our best interest without concern for rewards and stardom. 


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