The silent pain of Parental Alienation Syndrome

What does it feel like to be rejected by your children for loving them? 

The lonely lost feeling stays with you every day like a pulled muscle ready to break your back in an instant.  When a couple divorces with children it’s hard if not impossible not to have the sore taste and hate flow to the kids.  The kids become part of the anger and an extension of one parents hate toward the other.  The children then become a weapon a knife used at will by the angry ex.  Without knowing it the children are morphed in to a form of the angry parent and lash out without knowing to the other parent.

Symptoms of Parent Alienation Syndrome

How do you recognize PAS in your kids?  There are many articles online you can read and sift through to help form your own judgment of what is happening. 

List of Parental Alienation Syndrome Web Sites

For me I didn’t need a web site or list to tell me what was happening.  I could feel it in the way my kids reacted with me from the simplest movements to the more complex anger and dislike the exhibited.  In all it leaves you very helpless and lost.  Where do you turn who do you talk to? Questions I still have no answer for.  The only way to help your kids is to be near your kids and that won’t happen because your ex is so hell bent on punishing you that you won’t ever have the chance.

PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) is a huge mountain to climb.  It will leave you emotionally exhausted and impact every aspect of your life.  It is in the end the goal of the angry ex to ruin your life and make your hell here on earth.

If you feel you are being alienated by your ex speak out here.  Voice your thoughts and help spread the word of this devastating form of divorce poison.



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  • Kevin
    February 7, 2011 at 2:24 pm

    How can you help your kids know that they have been the victims of PAS (Parental alienation Syndrome)?

    I have 2 kids that have been the victims of PAS and I barely see them. I want them to see what has happened to them but know if I tell them that their mother is behind making them hate me they will see this as a pissed off father.

    I am looking for tips or techniques to help me de-program my kids from PAS. They are always put in to situation that simply alienate me and drive them further away.

    Can anyone help me?