What’s on my iPod: Accessories that work for the iPod Classic and nano

Right now on my iPod I have about 8000 songs.  I have absolutely no idea what they all are or even if I like most of them.  They are all there because like most iPod users song collection replaced iPod accessories.

Ipod Accessories – Is my playlist an accessory?

No your playlist on the iPod Classic or nano isn’t a form of iPod accessory.  Maybe for those how can’t afford accessories for your Apple iPod.  So what is on my playlist anyway?  Well right now I’m listening to some mellow music mostly from the 70’s.  I can now re-live my life as if I had a cool iPod accessory packed personal music system.  Ok kids you’re going what the heck is he talking about.  Well back in my day it was the transistor radio that was the cool thing to have.  Now  everyone owns an iPod and everyone searches for great add-ons or accessories for their iPod.


Must have iPod accessories

For me the first thing to do when you get your new iPod nano or iPod Classic is to purchase new ear buds.  Have the right fit and feel is as important as the sound quality, and lets face it the standard ear buds Apple ships with the iPod is anything but quality.
I’d like to hear what you have as a ‘must have iPod accessory’.