What to look for when hiring a divorce lawyer in Oshawa: Part 1

Knowing how to find a good divorce lawyer, or family lawyer, and what qualities to look for is the foundation to taking the steps to hiring a divorce lawyer. A good divorce lawyer is essential to ensuring your needs are met and you get the settlement you want, not a settlement that ruins your life.

Failing to take the time to understand how to find a good family lawyer, or divorce lawyer, will wreck havoc with your life for decades.  Many people who have not sought the proper advise to find a good divorce lawyer but trusted emotional references such as friends and family have found out the hard way through large legal bills.

It’s easy to listen to friends and family when it comes to your separation and divorce needs.  They often will support almost anything you say and tend to adopt your anger.  This doesn’t help when you are looking for an objective view.  A family lawyer, divorce lawyer in Oshawa, can have the same flawed approach.  Many cheap divorce lawyer or so called caring lawyers realize that your emotional state clouds your judgement.  Knowing this they can take full advantage of you and drive the cost of your divorce through the roof.  It’s only after the dust has settled to you realize how foolish you were.

How do you find a good divorce lawyer in Oshawa?

First, be fully aware that divorce lawyers in Oshawa have to make money.  They are a business and businesses need customers.  You’re the customer, not their friend.  Advertisements and other forms of attracting you to their door are all meant to do just that.  They like other businesses use marketing companies to drive up business. This ads can and often do mislead and border on lying as many other forms of advertising.  Always remember that they run a money making family law firm, not a free legal aid advice firm.  

Here are some basic things to consider when looking for a divorce lawyer in Oshawa.

Find a family lawyer in Oshawa that specializes in divorce (I know sounds obvious but not all do).  A divorce lawyer in the Durham Region whose specialty is family law (and has done this for some time) will have a greater depth of experience and knowledge in family law in the Durham Region.

Although this may seem very obvious one has to consider this.  Unlike the medical profession the legal profession does not have any ‘rules’ as to when and how a lawyer can call themselves a ‘specialist’.  This sets up a situation where any lawyer can change their ‘expertise’ when needed.  Combine this with the reality a divorce firm in Oshawa is a business no different the used car dealership down the road many family law firms in Oshawa will adapt in order to stay in business.  This type of lawyer becomes a jack of all trades and master of none.  Avoid them like the plague.

Look for a divorce lawyer with extensive experience. Find a divorce lawyer who has been practicing for some years and has practiced for many or most of these as a family law and divorce specialist. Importantly, check that a divorce lawyer has sufficient experience in the Oshawa Family Courts.

More tips on how to find a good divorce lawyer in Oshawa to follow.  Keep reading our blog to find out more…



  • Terry
    August 5, 2010 at 7:09 am

    Great tips on divorce lawyers. Thanks for posting!

    If anyone has any experience with local divorce lawyers in Durham Region i’d love to hear about them. I read an article on another page here about a company called Borden & Goddard in Oshawa who are divorce, family law lawyers. Are there any others out there? I gather this one isn’t that good but are there any good ones?