Why is Bea Hancock still working for the OCL?

Bea Hancock OshawaI can’t believe the response to my blog post about Bea Hancock a local clinical assessor, mediator, parent coordinator in Oshawa (Durham Region) Ontario.  The response seems to be overwhelming with regards to her negative impact on family’s and children.   I’m now questioning the feedback and wondering out loud here and asking is this a slanted view of her?  Is there anyone who has had a positive experience working directly with or know of a case where Bea (a parenting coordinator) has been a positive impact to the children and the outcome of a case.

Reviews on Bea Hancock

This is your opportunity to write a review about Bea Hancock and share your story.  Let others know if you’ve had a good working experience with her or for that matter others within the OCL office in Durham Region.  Sharing your story helps others to make informed decisions that will have a life long impact on their children and themselves.

I know that my experience with Ms. Hancock was anything but positive.   I battled against her (and Mark Borden) in court and demonstrated clearly that she had a significant bias against men.  Luckily for me the judge I had saw through her prejudice and dismissed her findings.  Now it shouldn’t come as any surprise that my views not favorable for Bea Hancock.  They come from a real world experience and I feel it’s my duty to share them so others can be informed and make the right choices for their kids.

And your voice to the conversation and help local parents build positive relationships with their children.


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