Will the GM Bailout package spawn the latest in automotive technologies?

General Motors is being reborn after declaring chapter 11 in the USA.  The automotive industry and the world at large are watching to see what phoenix emerges from this fire.  Will GM emerge as a proud leader full of energy and creativity or will GM follow the historical path it has laid and once again build empty promises?
To predict the future in such a volatile manufacturing sector would be a fools bet.  But we can say a few things about what GM and the big Detroit 3 must do to survive.  

Innovative Automotive Technologies

Consumers in North America have often lead the world in setting the benchmark for manufactures to obtain.  Some automotive manufacturers like Chrysler have captured this need from the consumer and built new automotive platforms to meet their demands.  Companies like Toyota and Honda have taken that creativity and refined it to produce a highly reliable vehicle.  This is where General Motors can build the next generation of automobile.  Build a car that people actually want.  Build it right, from the start.  Build it with new technologies and innovative ideas, don’t use old business models and culture.  
For General Motors to be successful it is a matter of simplifying their thinking and realizing that there are serious competitors out there.  Consumers know where to find them and have.

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