Will the new year bring any happiness to Durham Region family lawyer’s

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Will the ringing bells for a new year change anything at the Family Courts in Durham Region or will we see more of the same?  Good question don’t you think!  My past experience is not a good one with the family lawyers in the region.  I know we all have to make money to live but come on the lawyers out in Durham Region all seem to sing from the same sheet.  Is it to far a stretch to believe that maybe they’re all in on it.  Can you imagine them calling each other up and saying “hey our case tomorrow do you think we can drag it out a few months, I need a new boat at the cottage”.

Best family lawyer in Durham Region

Is there such a thing as the best family lawyer in Durham Region?  Just maybe there is.  Check out our reviews on divorce lawyers to see what other people are saying before you call one up.  I’m sure there are some great lawyers but there are also lots of doggy ones too.  Educate before you buy this service.

Well the new year is just around the corner and time will only tell how the courts, including OCL and Children’s Aid, help us out.

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